8 Investment Myths to avoid

8 Investment Myths to avoid 1

Have you ever wondered, why are your investments not performing as good as your friend’s or colleague’s? In this article our guest contributor, Ramalingam K. Founder and Director of Holistic Investment Planners, explains how some of our personal traits affect our investments adversely and tells us how to avoid these traits.

How can you pick out-of-favor stocks

How can you pick out-of-favor stocks 2

The stock market is arguably the most graphic example possible of the world’s collective consciousness—a never-ending, seesaw battle between buyers and sellers, optimists and pessimists. In this article we try to outline how you can use these emotional swings to your advantage and pick out of favor stocks.

10 Ways to Become Financially Wiser

Like many of us, you may dream of the day when you can stop working and enjoy a comfortable retirement. But, are you prepared for it? This checklist provides you with some important choices to consider becoming financially wiser and making better decisions through your working years and your retirement years.