What is personalmoney.in all about?

Inflation, falling interest rates and fluctuating market conditions require us to plan our finances carefully. Today many of us don’t even know about our financial goals. personalmoney.in helps make money management simple for you to understand.

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At present, we see what we wish to see. Our entire focus is mainly on returns. Since we are not even aware of our financial objectives, we are unable to match our investments with what our Financial Goals should be. This lack of awareness make us prone to mis-selling of products by agents and distributors.

Who do you turn to for impartial, unbiased, personalized advice?

Through our posts we will try to make Financial Planning easier for you to understand. We will also share tools, tips and tricks of managing personal finances covering the following domains :
Investment – Stocks, Mutual Funds, Debt and Fixed Income
Insurance – Life Insurance and Non Life or General Insurance
Retirement Planning – Pensions, EPF, PPF, Annuities, etc
Loans and Mortgages – Home Loans, Personal Loan, Car Loan, Education Loans, etc
Plastic Money – Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Income Tax
– And any thing relevant for you to understand your Personal Money Management better.


Shweta Misra

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