Is your agent mis-selling ULIPs to you?

Is your agent mis-selling ULIPs to you? 4

Unit linked insurance policies or ULIPs as they are popularly called have gained huge traction with investors since their launch in 2004. The favourable tilt towards ULIP was however not because of ULIP being an outstanding product, but was because Insurance agents hard sell and often mis-sell ULIPs to unsuspecting investors.

April 1st, All fools day or Smart investor day?

April 1st marks the beginning of the new financial year. The ‘infamous’ day is also the one when we ought to set clear financial plans for the next one year. We can, of course, choose to celebrate April 1 as “All Fools Day” if we continue to commit the same mistakes that we did in previous years. Instead, we should convert it to a “Smart Investor’s Day” by learning from our financial mistakes. Given below are my confessions as well as resolutions for the new financial year as a retail investor.