Stocks Markets – Current trends and the way forward

Stocks Markets - Current trends and the way forward 2

The stock market can hold an air of mystery to the uninitiated. How the price of a share is derived, why do stock market swing so drastically, should one buy or sell, whats the real worth of one share versus another are all areas of concern to the potential investor. We will try to answer some of these questions with respect to the current Stock Market environment.

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing 4

Growth investing and Value investing are essentially two contrasting investment styles offered by funds. Both mean different things and represents the stock-picking methodologies used by the Fund Manager. While there are funds that tie themselves to either one or the other style, it has been observed that most funds tend to follow a mix of the two styles.

Types of Investments

Types of Investments 9

You can invest your money in different types of Investment instruments. These instruments can be financial or non-financial in nature. There are many factors that affect your choice of investment. Millions of Indians buy fixed deposits, post office savings certificates, stocks, bonds or mutual funds, purchase gold, silver, or make similar investments. They all have a reasons for investing their money. Some people want to supplement their retirement income when they reach the age of 60, while others want to become millionaires before the age of 40.

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