Property Investment – look before you leap

Investing in property is good provided you are wise with your money. the simple rule is to look around rather than sitting on the fence in a speculative market. Currently transactions in Tier 1 cities are happening at the property rates that prevailed in 2007-08, after dipping from the peak. since late 2008. The market is flooded with lucrative deals for home-seeker.

Before you take the final plunge, it’s extremely important to delve into the documentation part of the deal. Tempting offer, posh-location, high-end facilities at unbelievable prices, top-of-the-line finish and quality of construction, will stand inconsequential if the property in which you are planning to invest stands forfeited under the bylaws of the local establishment.

While Occupation Certificate (OC) becomes one of the most vital documents for home seekers in Mumbai, a homebuyers in Delhi NCR region should stress upon the Commencement Certificate (CC) of the building.

Intimation of Disapproval (the issued IOD specifies the terms and conditions stipulated by the local authorities and its compliance subsequently), approved building plan, permanent water connection certificate, approved building parking, electrical and plumbing layout, structural stability certificate, fire safety certificate and lift inspection certificate, are few of the other important legalities that should be completed by the developer before handing out possession letter.

In some cities, the civic facilities are partially restricted to the building wherein the mentioned formalities are left incomplete by the developer. In fact, for such buildings, one could also face difficulty in obtaining home loan. Moreover, Search Report which establishes history of the plot where the property stands, Title Certificate, Builder’s Certificate and Development Plan remark, ought to be cross-checked before entering into an agreement with the developer.

Ask for receipts of property tax, society charges and water charges, electricity bills and decide who will pay transfer charges before executing the sale deed in case you are interested in purchasing used property.

Investment or Utilization

A wise investment gives a return that’s five to seven percent above inflation. Selecting locations, which have high growth prospects, are advisable if you are looking at investment options. The growth is primarily driven by the economic activities and infrastructure development in the region. So choose location for investment on the basis of where the economic and infrastructure development is taking place or is being planned.

The Property Science – to determine the right price

There are few parameters that help you determine the nearest correct price of the property.


The distance of the home from railway station, airport, bus stop and its proximity to school and colleges, medical centers, market and malls, parks and recreational centers, and high street and business district of the city, commands additional premium.


In many cities, locality has an edge over location in terms of pricing. Locality inhabited by cosmopolitan crowd in peaceful and serene area of the city is fancy of almost all home hunters.

Infrastructure and Future Prospects

Water supply, power supply, accessibility and future projects planned in the area, catapult the rates of underdeveloped township of the city in no time. Investment in such area proves highly rewarding.


In a nutshell, when looking for a home, first axis is affordability, second is living comfort and third is distance from place of your work. Secluded and under developed locations may come easy on the pocket but sometimes, they fail to provide even the minimum social fabric which is very important for overall growth of your children in today’s competitive world.

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